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Student workshops

Student workshops, as two-day events will take place during the second year of the FAME project (May to September 2018).

These multiplier events have dual purpose:

1) as a pilot training to test content and delivery modes, and

2) as a dissemination event.

The first day of the workshop will test and evaluate the modules "Module - Entrepreneurial Finance" (module 2) and "Module - Transition Issues - Psychology of transmission" (module 4), the development of which is led or co-led by the local higher educational institution.
The participants will have access to the e-learning parts to test them and the responsible trainers will introduce the other parts as a short training event.
Feedback forms will be prepared by MAC-Team helping the collection of the evaluations, comments, remarks and suggestions.

The second day of the workshop will put the emphasis on the dissemination part.
The higher educational institutions will use it for recruitment purposes (for the new Master specialisation) introducing all the 4 modules (and submodules) in a nutshell to the participants.

These two-day events help very much finalise the course materials, as there will be 3 months after the student workshops to fine tune the modules before the other multiplier events (Family Business workshops).

These Student Workshops will be organised with the support of MAC-Team for the Quality Assurance process focusing on the testing of Master modules 2 and 4 in all participating universities:

Planned participants at each seminar: minimum 25 people - expected 30 people

Total number of participant at the Family Business workshops: 100 students.

  • E4 - FB workshop(s) in Hungary - totally 30 students
  • E5 - FB workshop(s) in the UK - totally 43 students
  • E6 - FB workshop(s) in Poland - totally 27 students