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Family Business workshops

Family Business workshops will take place during the final project phase (23rd month of the project - November 2018).

The aim of these multiplier events will be the presentation of the results for FBs on local, regional and national level in order to draw the attention of the potential direct and indirect target groups to the future Master courses and also the attention of different level decision makers to their role in facilitating the sustainability of the Family Businesses.

Since at this stage of the project the development of the training modules is expected to be finished, special emphasis will be put on the presentation of the modules and the work-based learning plan (dual concept).

The Master modules (and submodules) will be in the focus of the workshop programme, but the work-based learning plan, the cooperation with the associated partners, the discussions with the other stakeholders are also very important.

The feedback of the participants will be taken into consideration in the finalisation of the Master course specialisation on Family Businesses after the end of the project implementation but before launching the real commercialised trainings.

This one-day event will be organised with the support of MAC-Team for the Quality Assurance process in the following countries:

Planned participants at each seminar: minimum 25 people - expected 35 people

Total number of participant at the Family Business workshops : 94 people, however LBU had an extra event connecting to the Transnational Training Event in Leeds in May 2017.

  • E1 - FB workshop(s) in Hungary - totally 23 people
  • E2 - FB workshop(s) in the UK - totally 30people
  • E3 - FB workshop(s) in Poland - totally 30 people
  • E7 - extra FB workshop in the UK - 11 people