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Multiplier events in Hungary

October and November 2018

Budapest Business School organised the multiplier events of the FAME project both for Student and Family Businesses in October and November 2018.

Student workshops on 6 and 12 October in the framework of the Enterprise Development and the Finance/Accountancy Master courses – for 2nd year students. The project coordinator and the module leaders introduced the e-learning materials and all project results, and the students tested the e-learning modules and completed evaluation questionnaires and giving feedback for the developer teams.

BBS organised the first Family Business (FB) workshop together with the National Association of Family Businesses on 18 October 2018 at the monthly Club Day event of association. BBS organised the second FB workshop in the framework of a bigger event (titled: “Internationalization and Sustainability” – disseminating 3 parallel development programmes of BBS) on 21 November 2018. The project representatives introduced the project, its objectives, the implementation process and the achieved results and asked feedback from the participants.

Two other events of the Budapest Business School was also connected to the FAME project.

One was the ERASMUS Days 2018. BBS Joined the European ERASMUS Days 2018 with workshops focusing on ERASMUS Mobility and Strategic Partnership co-operations on 12-13 October, and the other was a large national Family Business conference and workshop organised by the Budapest LAB (Excellence Centre on Entrepreneurship of the Budapest Business School) on 28-29 November.