Dissemination action

Most important dissemination actions of the FAME project

Basic dissemination activity was the continuous update of the project main website. Partner has project webpages as well on the institutional websites, which include references and direct link to the main website:  http://www.fame-programme.eu/

Partners' webpages:

BBS: https://uni-bge.hu/projects/fame; https://en.uni-bge.hu/International-projects/fame

LBU: http://www.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/leeds-business-school/our-research-projects/fame/

CUE: http://kse.uek.krakow.pl/

CEPOR: http://www.cepor.hr/family-business-sustainability-and-growth-fame-project/

MAC-Team: https://www.mac-team.eu/index.php/mm-value-fields/mm-project-portfolio/211-a-fame

MGYOSZ: https://mgyosz.hu/en/index.php?fo=2&al=3

The dissemination activities were started at the moment of the project commencement with the establishment of the project’s website. The responsibility of the continuous updating of the website fell on the lead partner of the dissemination work package, P1.

A main dissemination activity chain was provided by the series of the project meetings and the different workshops. The Student, and also the FB Workshops served as occasions for the last feedback on and fine tuning of the teaching materials but as important dissemination measures as well. These workshops were the main fora for the recruitment of students to the FB specification Master. The Family Business workshops set the stage for the commercialisation of the courses (See: exploitation). At international level we planned and realised – with a special off-project budget – participations of the project leaders in international conferences with the concrete task to deliver lectures and presentations on the project’s results. A list of these participations can be found below. To all these meetings, and again under the coordination of the WP leader P1, flyers and other sort of conventional dissemination tools were prepared. The large potential of the non-university partners, the international think tanks, was mobilised. They used their existing channels and conferences in order to promote publicity on the project results. These latter activities prepared later commercialisation of the results.

Dissemination events:

- 3 Student  Workshops, at least one (in more sessions) organised by each university partner - participants: 100 eligible participants

- 3 Family Business workshops (broken down in sub-workshops) with FB entrepreneurs and experts of Family Business development – participants: 94 eligible participants

- participation in international workshops, conferences - dissemination and exploitation purposes (See: below)

Dissemination materials (besides project website and webpages):

- project brochures in 400 (200-200) copies in English in the UK, Poland and Hungary (specified for the partners) +  the 2nd flyer in Hungarian in 200 copies as well,

- articles, press releases regarding the dissemination events.

The most important dissemination actions (more details on the project website as well):

  • Presentation at the Club Days of the National Association of Family Businesses in Hungary – two times in 2017
  • Conference paper and participation: Investigates work-based learning, enterprise education and family businesses – ISBE 2017 Conference in Belfast on 8-9 November 2017 (financed from Exceptional costs)
  • TRUST ME Multiplier event – information on the FAME project as well – 25 January 2018 by MGYOSZ / Business Hungary
  • Regional Family Business and Business Transfer events in Croatia - CEPOR organized 6 regional awareness raising events in February and March 2018
  • Annual Research Days at the BBS – with more than twenty interactive workshops (one for FAME), roundtable discussions and lectures – 5-6 April, 2018
  • Conference participation in Łódź, Poland - On 15-17 May 2018 Hanna Kelm from Cracow University of Economics (financed from Exceptional costs)
  • The 5th edition of the European SME Transfer Summit – 17th and 18th May 2018, in Luxembourg. The event was co-organized by TRANSEO
  • FAME at the 13th Enterprise Educators Conference, Leeds Beckett University, UK – 5-7 September 2018 (part of the Multiplier events)
  • TCA - Transnational Cooperation Activities in Lodz, Poland - 26-28 September 2018 – participation by BBS
  • “The SME Buyers’ Club” educational program by CEPOR – October 2018
  • Presentation at the Club Days of the National Association of Family Businesses in Hungary – in October 2018 (part of the Multiplier events)
  • Conference participation in Saint-Petersburg, Russia by BBS - Participation in the conference of Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics in 2018 – 22-24 October 2018 (financed from Exceptional costs)
  • Conference participation in Toledo, Spain by BBS - Participation at the RENT Conference in Toledo, Spain – 14-16 November 2018 (financed from Exceptional costs)
  • Publication in the e-bulletin of MGYOSZ / Business Hungary – in November 2017, and in November and December 2018 (3 times)


Short films / videos connecting to the FAME project 
- as part of the e-learning materials 
- for dissemination purposes as well 
The FAME videos are available at the YouTube channel of the Budapest Business School: