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A Multi-Actors Partnership

A multi-actors partnership has been established with 3 higher education institutions and 3 non university partners. Two of the universities are from the newest Member states (HU and PL) where generational succession and transmission of enterprises comes across the first time in the life of enterprises.

Multi-Actors facetsThese Hungarian and Polish partners have extended research work around topics touching upon SME issues, but they have no experience in how to help SMEs directly when they succession time occurs. These partners certainly have no appropriate training solutions facilitating the succession for the different interested target groups (the main expected result of the project). Both are experienced in European projects, their initiation and management as well.

The third university, Leeds Beckett University (UK), has a rich experience in research and curriculum development in entrepreneurial issues. This university is considered as an innovation resource, but it is also  interested in the joint development of new curricula around succession problem.

Mac-Team, the Multi-Actors Cooperation network, is a Belgian international non-profit organisation with rich experience in different kinds of European projects and, in particular, in quality assurance and monitoring issues. It will take in charge these activities on the project.

The remaining two partners are Hungarian and Croatian SME associations having experience in curriculum development for enterprises as well as piloting the new courses and disseminating and exploiting results.

For the exploratory research two highly reputed researchers of the central field of the project are engaged as sub contractors of the Hungarian partner. Beyond their general contribution to the project they will introduce the Italian and the Finnish experience in the partnership. Most of the partners have long standing cooperation with the coordinator Budapest Business School as an institution and others have long established personal contacts around research or educational projects. Most partners have been involved several times in similar projects.