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FAME Target groups

In addition to the SME / Family Businesses (FB) stakeholders, two immediate key audiences are targeted:

target groupsThe first target group inside the institutions is composed of the teachers/trainers who are not participating in the curriculum development but are potential trainers of the new curricula. These teachers/trainers will be informed through the project site which will be continually filled in with the elements of the project development and they also will be invited to the project meeting and the multiplier events to be organised in their country.

Another target group inside the university partners is the student group already registered in the first year of the Master in entrepreneurship. For them the FAME courses will offer an option for the second year of the Master. These students will be informed by the student orientation offices of the institution, by the Student Workshops of the project, by the project site and also by the national project meetings.

The SME FB populations of the partner countries will be informed through the information channels of the SME associations, federations the partners have already worked with via the INSIST and TRUST-Me projects, via: their community websites; the entrepreneur (FB) workshops; and national conferences.

Local, regional and national authorities with leverage in entrepreneurial issues will be informed drawing their attention not only to the economic impact of the project but also to the ameliorating effect of the project on employment conditions in the regions.

During implementation the partner institutions, international think tanks included, will encourage institutions from other member countries to join the partnership to deliver an equivalent degree first and to engage themselves in more robust follow up projects with larger geographical coverage later. (A number of institutions expressed their wish to participate in FAME project but could not be taken because of budgetary limitations.) Simultaneously the degree will be offered to international students through European student associations.

A European audience will be reached by a presentation of the project at diverse conferences with the outstanding example of the University – Business Forum of the EU.